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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


da lama ta update my blog,huhuw..
today free time..noe y??
today i'm not goin to school..i have to do this,it's damn tired lorh..
yesterday after school,rush to the class tmbhan,mens that i was at school from 7 a.m until 6p.m..
then rush to the tusyen,not tuisyen actually,i'm work there as clerk,7 lebey bwu pandang umah
i left my homework n laptop n sleepp until this morning,
my mom call me,
i'm say i'm tired,my mom sad just go today coz klas tmbahan science,
so,it's important,
i said i'm very tired,
at last my mom allowed,huhuww
thanxxx mom,i appreciated it,
u noe that i'm really tired,
smtmes feel like want to died already,
only myspace n blog can make me happy,hek3..
~i wish ada hari yunk bley aku rest n sleep dgn tenang~


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