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Monday, March 30, 2009

buhsan tahap gaban..


i'm damn sleepy,
mom call me about hundred times already,
but i'm still on my bed,hak3,
ngantukss siot,
i can't open my eyes already,
always like this every morning,
the thing that i really hate~kena bangun pagi,
dunt noe how to change it alreadyy.. : )

call my friend,dyla,
what can i only hear is her calerngtone,
i'm yourssss,
da 3 times i call her but she's not pick up,
bz kalah menteri,hak3,
yalarrr me pun satu call her pagi2,
for sure dy da pergi tunggu rapid,
i lied to my mom said that my friend didin't come to school n i dunt want to wait alone,
sorryy maa.. ; )
i noe u lurve me,hik3,
then ask my dad to sent me to school,
then sebagai balasan i have to pay my dad rm 10 for his minyak kereta,hak3,
serves me ryte!!
at least smpai skuwl..

i hour we have to stand up,
da abes dgr cikgu berleter masuk klas..

it's just not finish there,
first period still owkayhh,
i get extra marks for ea,
i should get ryte,
but teacher make wrong,
not only me but half of the class,
msuk jeww time bi,
the new techer is coming,
oh man!!
we all know nothing what he's talking about,
like HELL!!
the most funny one boys at the back of class laughing n make fun to that teacher,
they insult the teacher,
we~girls just laughing when heard what they say,
but it's not rude la like that,ryte..

then,banyak teacher ta masuk,
i'm just borak2 bout our family n lyfe wit my only dear fwen in that class,dyla,
then talk bout everything,
at last we r sleeping,hak3,
it's really damn bored day todayy,huhuw,
then klas abes kul 2.30,
smbg klas tmbhan kt skuwl smpai kul 5,
6 pm bwu smpai umah,
mandi + prayed + ngadap laptop,
the most stupid thing,
u noe wat,
open my laptop but the interner is still not there,
about 3 times then i just realized the suis for internet is not open,hak3,
wat the hell!!


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