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Sunday, March 15, 2009

mishhh him damn muchy..

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i mish him damn muchyy,God
mish him like hell,
mish him so muchyyy..

y God this happenn to me??
he's not my boy,that one for sure,
he's my bro(even not my real bro but he treat me like my own sis even sama umo)
our relationship is really sweet,
it's more than boyfren galfren(actually i hate kapel2)
it's more than that..

i mishhh
bilew dy cari aku blew dy ada problem
blew dye drunk n he text me tell that he got prob
blew tengah2 malam 2,3 pagi he text me,
when we talk bout our lyfe,
when he advise me bleww aku rasa lyfe ney really useless,
i miss that time,God
i really mean it
i promise to u if that time came back
i won't let him go anymore..

his lyfe full of prob
n that thing make us more closer
i mishh his joke..

salah aku kwe dy pergi
after dy kapel nan my bestie
dy makin jauh
then he rarely text me
then he give my num to smbdy
aku marah dy
aku cakap if he dunt want me anymore as his sis
n after that nothing happen anymore,
he's gone..

i dunt noe where he go
dy da tak datang skuwl lamaaaa
n one day his father came to skuwl
i dunt what happen to him
i wish evrything goin to b fine
ican't help u,bro
i'm sorry.....


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