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Thursday, February 19, 2009


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today cm tak okayh sket..
i don't know why..
i think maybe because a lot of thing happened around me today..
n i think it's effect me..
yupp,i mean about friendship..
friendship??urhhh,smtmes people don't noe how to appreciated it..
tah larr camna nk cakap sana sini gaduh..
i'm sick with this thing!!
smtmes i think everyone so hyprocite about friendship n lyfe..
dalam class aku jew arini ramai gaduh..
then,our teacher perasan pasal menda ney cuz dew dua orang bestie dalam klas aku dk asing2..
tapi at da same time,dyer tak tawu yang ramai agy gaduh..
si a dengan si c dengan si e dengan si f..
friendship it's not only about a word..
if we noe how to appreciated,it will be such a sweet moment in our lyfe..

aku pnah dew bes fwenn..glew2 siot rapat..
then,smthing happen make us broke our friendship..
i am da one that asked for it..
tapi aku da sedar silap aku..
all those stupid thing won't broke our relationship anymore..
then,we baik balik..
noww,i sayang her damn muchh,anggap dyer like my own sis..
i promise i won't hurt her anymore..

kt dalam klas tadi macam jadi..
ckgu aku dew bagi nasihat kt dak2 klas aku..
she said don't be too close with somebody cuz there might be smthing bad happened after that..
yupppp,pew ckgu aku tuww cakap memang btol..
kita tak leh terlalu rapat dengan orang tuw,tak leh selalu bergantung kat sorang tuww jeww,kita tak leh selalu harap everything goin to be better because if smbody that we we trust kecewakan kita,IT'S DAMN HURT..


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