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Monday, February 23, 2009


aku da balik umah aku skunk..
skuwl smtmes suckkkk..
da lar banyak presentation dk kna uat..

buhsannya arineyy,aku 3 ari dk umah kazen aku..
sebab parents dyer g keyell..
kt sana aku rasa cm org kaya lak,hak3..
live in a big house,can do anything sebab aku nagan kazen aku jeww..
tengok cd,then story about our lyfe,skuwl,family n everyting...
we r quite close..
but,i noe she's not happy..
live in a big house doesn't mean u can get everything..
i can see it in her eyes..
she's always tell me everything about her family..
from it,i learn a lot of thing about lyfe..
it's not easy as u think..

no matter how is it,it's a lyfe..
u have to accept it..

papeh punnn,..
aku buhsannnnn..


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